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We redesigned the website for MSC Planning, a legacy planning consultancy with over 20 years of experience in the UK. The project involved creating a new brand identity, logo redesign, and a Webflow website featuring custom interactions and a super-modern layout that sets them ahead of their competitors in the planning market.
MSC Planning Associates
February 2024

Project Overview: Reinvigorating a Legacy Brand

MSC Planning, a seasoned UK planning consultancy, engaged Actualyse to thoroughly revamp their digital footprint. This collaboration aimed to reflect their extensive experience and innovative approach in the planning industry through a fresh brand identity and a state-of-the-art website.

Design Innovation: Creating a Visual Identity

The redesign involved a new logo that maintains the essence of MSC Planning's professional legacy while introducing a modern twist that appeals to today's market. The selected color palette and design elements reflect both the firm's stability and forward-thinking approach, ensuring the brand feels both established and contemporary.

Webflow Development: Pushing Boundaries and Industry Norms

Actualyse developed the new MSC Planning website using Webflow, focusing on creating fun custom interactions that enhance user engagement. The layout was designed to be visually striking and highly functional, offering a seamless user experience that showcases MSC Planning's services and successful case studies effectively.

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Technological Integration: Enhancing Functionality

The website includes advanced features such as a dynamic service showcase, detailed case study presentations, and an intuitive navigation system. These elements work together to provide a comprehensive view of MSC Planning’s capabilities and their unique approach to tackling diverse planning challenges.

This transformation has not only visually updated MSC Planning's branding but also strategically positioned them to attract and serve their clients more effectively in the digital age.

Impact and Outcomes: Setting a New Industry Standard

Since the launch of the redesigned website, MSC Planning has reported improved engagement metrics, with an increase in inquiries and client interaction. The new site not only solidifies their position as a leader in the planning consultancy field but also sets a new benchmark for digital presence in the industry.

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