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Fernlove, a pioneer in psilocybin therapy and retreats, we crafted an all-encompassing visual identity, including a distinctive logo and a robust brand strategy. We seamlessly integrated these elements into a brand loyal, conversion optimised WordPress website which reflects Fernlove’s spirit and commitment to nature driven psilocybin therapy. This bespoke approach has not only enhanced fernlove’s online presence but also deeply engaged its community, setting a new standard in the industry for how retreats connect with their audience.
January 2024

Elevating Fernlove's Brand: A Holistic Digital Transformation

Fernlove approached Actualyse with the vision to redefine their online presence as a pioneer in psilocybin therapy. The mission was clear: create a seamless, informative, and visually appealing digital environment that reflects their innovative approach to wellness.

Our aim was to intertwine the serenity of Oregon’s natural beauty with the cutting-edge nature of psilocybin therapy.

Design and Brand Development: Merging Nature with Modernity

The color scheme selected for Fernlove’s branding evoked the calming, restorative qualities of the Oregon landscape, using earthy greens and vibrant blues. The logo, a stylized fern leaf that subtly hints at neural pathways, symbolizes growth and connection.

Typography and patters were carefully chosen to balance modernity with approachability, ensuring that every visitor feels welcomed and at ease.

Website Development and SEO Strategy: Building a Robust Online Platform

Using WordPress, we developed a responsive website that not only showcases Fernlove’s brand ethos but also ensures optimal user experience to engage visitors and convert them. Advanced SEO techniques were applied to enhance Fernlove's online visibility, focusing on keyword integration that aligns with therapy and wellness trends.

"The website was engineered to attract and educate potential clients, seamlessly guiding them from discovery to engagement."

Impact and Engagement: New Approach to Retreat Marketing

Post-launch, Fernlove’s website experienced a significant increase in traffic, with improved search engine rankings driving new user engagement. Feedback highlighted the intuitive design and the ease of navigating through the comprehensive resources about psilocybin therapy. We have also seen over 1000+ users acquired and inquiries generated within the first few months of marketing and SEO.

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