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In short
Berg Advisory needed to redefine their online presence to better reflect their status as a sophisticated, execution-oriented advisory firm specializing in private market transactions. The challenge was to create a website that not only enhances the user experience but also effectively communicates the firm's specialised services and stellar track record of over $2+ Billion placed in a competitive market.
Berg Advisory FZ LLC
August 2023

Project Overview

Berg Advisory, an innovative blend of traditional and modern advisory services, approached us to create a digital presence that resonates with its unique brand philosophy. The brand, rooted in the Austrian heritage of its founder, integrates the solid reliability of mountainous terrains with a modern, approachable style. The challenge was to design a website that embodies Berg’s ethos, showcases its credibility through traditional symbolism used in the industry, and yet feels fresh and engaging to a diverse clientele.


  • Brand Integration: Seamlessly integrate the brand's mountain symbolism into the design to reflect growth, success, and credibility.
  • User Experience: Develop a user-friendly interface that enhances content readability and encourages engagement through strategic design elements.
  • Visual Aesthetics: Employ a clean, structured design with pastel colors and elegant typography to evoke calmness and trust.
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  1. Conceptualisation: Started with understanding Berg’s brand essence, focusing on the dual themes of traditional reliability and modern accessibility. Thorough competitor research and ICP defined
  2. Design: Created a logo representing two mountains shaped into a 'B', reflecting the brand’s roots and vision. The website design was structured around a square-like layout to emphasize neatness and structure, with a hero screen that encapsulates the brand’s journey towards growth and success.
  3. Development: Implemented a responsive design with multiple page variations to cater to different user needs, including distinct profile and contact page designs to enhance user interaction.
  4. Testing & Launch: Conducted thorough testing to ensure compatibility across all platforms and devices, followed by a strategic launch to maximize reach and impact.
Paying a tribute to traditional design standards of the industry we designed 'tombstones' and individual profile and deals pages to evoke a sense of familiarity, reflecting on the history and experience of the brand


  • Homepage: Featured a background that symbolises Berg’s aspirations, integrated with a square layout and pastel colors to align with the brand's calm and structured image.
  • Services Page: Used vibrant, saturated images and big whitespaces to balance excitement and tranquility, with text offset to keep users engaged and scrolling.
  • Clients and Assignments Pages: Emphasised minimalism and professional credibility, using warm colors and industry-standard 'tombstones' to showcase successful deals.


The newly launched Berg Advisory website has significantly enhanced the brand's online presence, with increased user engagement and positive feedback on the intuitive design and cohesive brand storytelling. The site effectively communicates Berg's unique market position, combining a solid, reliable foundation with a fresh, innovative approach.


The collaboration between Berg Advisory and resulted in a bespoke website that not only stands out in the competitive advisory market but also truly represents the brand’s unique ethos. This project showcases our capability to blend creativity with practicality, delivering a digital experience that is both informative and inspiring.

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